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01 Mar
The advantage and category of pneumatic tools

Posted by sinppa

Air tools are constructed out of different material than power tools, and have fewer moving parts. Air tools are much lighter than cordless tools, for the same comparable power. While pneumatic tools require compressed air in order to operate, the tool weight and product longevity provide techs with a viable option for daily use.

The most obvious advantage with air tools is that you never need to charge them, they usually cost less, and you have access to endless and constant power. Because pneumatic tools run on air, that it’s important to be prepared for the amount of air needed to operate all of the tools, which is compressed air systems.

•Impact sockets (wrenches and ratchets)

•Extension bars (wrenches and ratchets)

•Tool boots (protective coverings that go over the body of the tool)

•Sanding and polishing discs and pads (sanders)

•Grinding wheels and stones (grinders)

•Drill bits (drills)


•Air hoses and couplers